Riester ri-former® LED Mobile Diagnostic Station

Mobile LED diagnostic wall station with specula dispenser, otoscope and ophthalmoscope.

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Riester Modular LED mobile diagnostic station


  • Mobile station
  • 2 handles
  • ri-spec® ear specula dispenser
  • ri-scope® L2 LED 3.5V otoscope head
  • ri-scope® L2 LED 3.5V ophthalmoscope head
  • Mobile base made of fibreglass and chrome plated pole (height adjustable 105-130cm / 41.3-51.2 in)
  • Easy to move due to low friction castors, antistatic
  • 2 castors can be locked
  • Diameter 54 cm / 21,3 in

ri-spec® ear specula dispenser

  • Specula dispenser with 5 tubes for up to 5 specula sizes
  • Hygienic and practical solution, dispenses a new speculum for each examination
  • Simple to clean and disinfect
  • Easy to refill and can be closed with a cover
  • Filling level of specula tubes can be seen

ri-scope® L2 LED 3.5V Otoscope

  • Fibre optics for optimal beaming and transmission of the light
  • Bi-directional swivelling, sealing optical glass with 3-fold magnification
  • Optional operation lens with 4-fold magnification available
  • With integrated F.O. throat illuminator
  • Suitable for pneumatic tests (supplied without ball)

ri-scope® L2 LED 3.5V Ophthalmoscope

  • Dioptre wheel with 29 corrective lenses Plus 1-10, 12, 15, 20, 40 Minus 1-10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35
  • Easy-to-operate aperture hand-wheel with semi-circle, small/medium/large circle, fixation star, and slit
  • Includes filter wheel engageable for all apertures with symbol display, red-free filter, blue filter and polarization filter
  • Optimized high-performance optics with aspherical condenser lens
  • Parallel beam path
  • Dust-proof
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