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Keeler PSL Classic Portable Slit Lamp 3010-P-2000

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Keeler PSL Classic Portable Slit Lamp 3010-P-2000

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Slit and filter system
Slit typeRotating Slit wheel selection Slit Lamp
Slit length12mm
Slit widths0.15mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm and 1.6mm slits, 12mm circle and a 1mm square
FiltersRed free, Blue, Neutral density 0.8 and Clear
IR protectionInbuilt IR cut filter
Slit angle+/- 60°
Illumination controlContinuously variable from low to full brightness
Fixation targetsLED system, double click of trigger
Power Supply
Power supply unitSwitch mode, (110V – 240V) +/- 10% multi-plug
Power supply output30VA (12V DC 2.5A)
TypeBinocular Hand held Biomicroscope Slit Lamp
OpticsConverging binoculars at 13°
Magnification10x and 16x, lever change
Objective lens working
distance at 10x
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Portable Slit Lamp



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