Keeler Professional Streak Retinoscope 2.8V LED 1302-P-1013

Greater contrast

Crisp image quality

Increased power efficiency

Long life

The World’s First LED Retinoscope

Keeler’s new LED Professional is the first Retinoscope on the market with LED illumination. LED light provides a clearer, crisper and brighter streak view of the retina, with greater contrast, which in turn means a quicker and more accurate diagnosis.

LED bulbs last much longer than conventional halogen bulbs and are also much more energy efficient. Long-lasting bulbs mean you can get on with the task in hand and not worry about changing bulbs. Energy-efficient bulbs mean lower running costs and less impact on the environment.

A unique and highly useful feature of all Keeler Retinoscopes is a patented neutralisation check which provides a rapid confirmation of neutralisation. The beam can be changed from divergent to convergent, allowing the user to cross-check the accuracy of a neutral point. This ability to double-check neutrality in the upper position guarantees correct assessment every time.

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