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Heine Omega 600 Indirect Ophthalmoscope

£3,250.00 (Excl VAT)

Discover more with less weight – the new high-tech indirect ophthalmoscope from Heine the Omega 600.

Heine has designed the Omega 600 to have the best optics available which allows for the tiniest details to be picked up, which can make a real difference. You have the ability to see the whole retina including the periphery and boasting accurate colours and the sharpest details.

To be able to accurately diagnose, you need to be able to see the smallest details, the Heine Omega 600 allows for optimal care and effective treatment plans.

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Equipped with the latest visionBOOST technology which has been proven to deliver up to 20% better view on the retina in patients suffering with cataracts which allows for more accurate diagnosis.

All the cables have been fully integrated into the newly designed headband for increased comfort. Heine is proud that the Omega 600 is its lightest indirect ophthalmoscope that they have made.

Offering maintenance-free and dustproof optics, Heine have manufactured a durable and robust diagnostic device designed for long-life and reliability.


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