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Heine ML4 LED Headlight

£1,327.28 (Excl VAT)

Heine has designed the M4 LED Head Light to be a perfect fit for the user and offers accurate LED illumination.  The ML4 LED headlight has become a top seller in all surgical specialities.  It has been specifically designed for the healthcare professional who need perfect illumination during long surgical operations or treatment sessions.

  • Perfect fit
  • Shadow free
  • Adjustable spot size
  • LED in HEINE Quality – or LED HQ

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Heine has set a new standard in the LED lighting technology and have renamed it to LEDHQ. To achieve this Heine only select the best materials and the highest standards of build quality. This allows Heine to set the bar for light intensity, dimming accuracy, thermal management and colour rendering index to ensure it is as high as possible.

Adjustable illumination spot size: 30mm to 80mm spot size range (at 420mm working distance) to fit your examination situation.

Absolutely bright light spot that is uniform from edge-to-edge for the perfect illumination in your examination situations.

Stepless light intensity control. Optimal brightness setting prevents reflexes.

Flexible Power Source Options: 100% mobility with a choice of cable-free mPack UNPLUGGED head-worn battery or mPack belt-worn battery pack.

Coaxial design ensures a completely shadow-free image and allows for excellent illumination of difficult to see areas.

The Professional L headband has multiple adjustment points and soft padding for comfort and stability – even during long examinations.

Polarisation Filter P2 improves contrast and yellow filter reduces blue light.

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