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Heine BETA 200 F.O. Otoscope & BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope Set

£715.36 (Excl VAT)

A diagnostic set of Heine BETA 200 F.O. Otoscope and BETA 200 Ophthalmoscope in a solid case for safe storage.

BETA 200 F.O Otoscope

The BETA 200 F.O otoscope designed with an all metal housing and scratch resistant glass lenses, which guarantee a lifetime of maintenance-free use.

BETA 200 Direct Ophthalmoscope

The Heine BETA 200 has is a dustproof Direct Ophthalmoscope that protects the internal optical components and reduces the requirements for any maintenance.  Made with an Aluminium frame for robust handling and utilising Aspherical optical system, it eliminates corneal reflex and is ideal for small pupils.

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