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Coolview® CLED53 Examination Light

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The CLED53 is the new generation examination light with 50,000 Lux. It is the perfect light source for a wide range of uses, it provides a high intensity, natural looking light. It is an intense, adjustable light for use in general consultation areas.

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Coolview CLED53 provides a powerful 50,000 Lux of light at 0.5 metres, and it provides an intense, clean light, with a choice of 5 levels of brightness.


Added the ability to change the brightness of the light, you can also change the temperature of the light from 3,300, 3,800 and 4,400 Kelvin. This can assist the clinician to get an accurate representation and visualisation of the area being examined. Coolview CLED53 offers a high Ra of ≥93 which describes the exceptionally high quality of white light and excellent overall colour rendition, whilst the high R9 value of ≥90 can help to enhance visualisation of areas where red is more predominant.


The light head is completely enclosed to resist dirt, liquid and dust getting into the light and the clean smooth surfaces allow for easy cleaning.


Back Plate and Wall Bracket, Ceiling Mount and Limited Rotation Ceiling Pole, Desk Mounted and Desk Bracket, Mobile Trolley Base, Rail Mounted and Rail Clamp Bracket, Wall Mounted and Wall Bracket with Cable Entry


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