Panasonic LC-R064R5P Battery

Panasonic LC-R064R5P Battery

6V 4.5Ah lead acid battery for Criticare Pulsoximeters.

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SKU:  BATT-301010
Part Number:  LC-R064R5P
Brand:  Panasonic
Manufacturers Code:  LC-R064R5P
MGC Code:  301010
Voltage:  6V
Capacity:  4.5 Ah
Property:  Lead-acid
Rechargeable:  Yes
Original:  Yes
Dimensions:  70 x 48 x 102mm
Weight:  900g

LC-R064R5P Replacement Battery for Criticare Pulsoximeters

This is an original 6V 4.5Ah replacement battery for various Criticare Pulsoximeters.

Replacement battery for:

  • Criticare 502 Pulsoximeter
  • Criticare 504 Pulsoximeter
  • Criticare 504US Pulsoximeter
  • Criticare 50245 Pulsoximeter
  • Criticare 50445 Pulsoximeter
  • Criticare 506 Pulsoximeter
  • Criticare DXN Pulsoximeter

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