Cermax PE175BFA

Cermax PE175BFA

175w Parabolic Ceramic Xenon Lamp

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SKU:  10437
Part Number:  PE175BFA
Brand:  Cermax
Manufacturers Code:  PE175BFA
Type:  Xenon Short Arc Ceramic Body Parabolic Lamp
Wattage:  175w
Voltage:  12.5v
Current:  14 amps
Average Life:  500 hours
Lumen Output:  2200 Lumens
Diameter:  25.4mm window

Cermax PE175BFA Xenon Short Arc Lamp

The Cermax® Xenon lamp, Model PE175BFA, has an integrated parabolic reflector, enabling high-intensity, focused output of visible and infrared radiation. With their internal reflector and rugged ceramic body construction, Cermax® Xenon lamps are the safest and most compact alternative to conventional quartz xenon lamps. This makes them ideal for applications that require a high degree of illumination control. Current-regulated or power-regulated power supplies with output ripples of less than 5% are recommended. Single-shot ignition pulses are advised because radio frequency starters may damage the lamp’s internal reflector.

Key Features

  • High-intensity illumination—2200 Lumens
  • Power range of 150-200 Watts
  • 1000 hours life
  • Broad spectral range with 5900° Kelvin color temperature
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Medical and industrial fiber optic illuminators
  • Machine vision
  • Infrared and visible spotlights/beacons
  • Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy
  • UV Curing
  • Video projection
  • Solar simulation
  • Wafer Inspection


Operational Specifications
Description Nominal Range
Power 175 Watts 150-200 Watts
Current 14 amps (DC) 12-16 amps (DC)
Operating Voltage 12.5 volts (DC) 11-14 volts (DC)
Ignition Voltage 23-35 kilovolts (system dependent)
Temperature 150C (Maximum)
Lifetime* 1000 hours typical






* End of life is defined as 50% of initial output


Initial Output at Nomial Power
F= UV Filtered Output
Description PE175BFA
Peak Intensity 350x10Candelas
Radiant Output* 25 Watts
UV Output* 1.2 Watts
IR Output* 14 Watts
Visible Output* 2200 Lumens
Colour Temperature 5900° Kelvin
Peak Instabilities 4%
Beam Geometry** 5°/6°/7°





*These values indicate total output in all directions. Wavelengths = UV<390 nm, IR>770 nm, Visible: 390 nm-770 nm
**Beam Geometry defined as the half angle at 10% PTS after 0/100/1000 hours


Physcial Specifications
Description Specification
Weight 131 grams
Window Diameter 1.0 inch (25.4mm)
Country of Origin United States of America






Focused Output with a f/1.0 Lens
Description Visible Output Total Output*
3 mm aperture 830 Lumens 8 Watts
6 mm aperture 1400 Lumens 13 Watts




*Nominal values at 175 Watts after 2 hour burn-in

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